Leading a Double Life & Exploring Integration

Tues. October 22, $25, (Members free)

Because of the stigmatization in our culture of many sexual, and in particular BDSM practices, many people feel compelled to create a second identity, a different name or persona, behind which they can hide or compartmentalize this aspect of their lives. While for familial or professional reasons this solution may seem to be an absolute necessity, it can also lead to painful compromises and inevitable deceptions. It is inevitably also a form of capitulation, which leaves society‚Äôs stigmatization of certain practices uncontested. 

In this workshop, we will explore possibilities of integration of the different aspects of our lives: sexual, professional, familial. We will also look at the advantages and the costs of so doing. There will be no requirement to share private information. We will not propose solutions, but the space to think together about a very difficult question. 

Workshop led by Peter Banki, Ph.D. In 2011 Peter chose publicly to out himself by lending his name as the head producer of the Xplore festival in Sydney. Later that year he made a segment with the ABC, which disclosed his interest in plush animals. Both decisions were significant. He does not regret them, but in all likelihood there will have been a cost to his professional career. Nonetheless, despite this cost, he believes that we are happier and more creative when we allow ourselves to make linkages between different parts of our lives, however incompatible and non-comprehensible they may seem to others.

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