The Art of Making Smut with Gala Vanting

Saturday November 2nd & Sunday November 3rd, 11am-5pm

$75 per session, $50 for members.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



'If you don't like the porn you see, make your own.'  - Annie Sprinkle

There are lots of motivations for capturing our own erotic images.  We are curious.  We are self-reflexive.  We desire to see, or perhaps even to accept, ourselves.  We are turned on.  We are exhibitionists.  We are artists.  We are smutmakers.  We want to be desired.  We want to document.  We want you to watch.  Erotic documentation is a mode of play, of exploration, of and sometimes of sharing or creating intimacy.  It can also be the creation of an art form.

The Art of Making Smut is a 2-day intensive workshop with erotic filmmaker Gala Vanting (Sensate Films).  Day 1 will cover the practicalities of making your own porn, including a tech workshop, content development, legal and political issues, and revelation (from showing your partner to showing the world).  Day 2 will put participants in front of the camera for a day of art/porn experimentation, collaboration, and creation.  Participants will be asked to work with an 'act of intimacy' of their choosing, which will evolve throughout the day with various permutations of on- and behind-camera experiences.  Keep in mind that intimacy does not necessarily equal sex!  Soloists, couples, and groups welcome, and the workshop will be inclusive of all levels of experience.  See below for an expanded list of topics to be covered. 

We will also have time to workshop individuals' questions and curiosities as a group and 1-on-1 consultation with Gala.  

Voyeurs welcome: participation in all exercises is encouraged, but not required.  If you'd like to learn by watching, you're welcome to do so.

Ability access TBD (we are still nailing down a venue).  Please let us know if there's anything we can do to make the workshop accessible to you. 

Participants will fill out a brief questionnaire upon registration to help ensure that your goals are addressed by workshop content. 

Prices listed above are the start of a sliding scale.  A minimum deposit is needed to secure your spot and you are welcome to pay as you feel on the day.  Please contact us if you are experiencing financial difficulties that preclude you from attending.  


What I'll be sharing will be for the purposes of creating imagery in non-studio settings. The day's 'units' are:

Dancing with Light:
We'll discuss ways to get in better tune with atmospheric light so that you can make the most of it. Light can be a character / performer in your piece if you know how to engage it. We'll also workshop how to use what you already have to shed light on the darkness in your nocturnal explorations.

Sensual Soundscapes:
We'll become more alert to what's happening in sonic space and whether or not it serves the purposes of your creation. We'll also discuss some ways in which we can create the sonic effects that we desire, and also consider the erotic potential of occasionally losing the image and focussing solely on sound.

Framing Desire:
Basic compositional tips and tricks for still and moving imagery. What we choose to show and not to show changes everything in terms of mood and tone, erotic charge, and the relative ease of watching. How can we create images that are both sexy and nice to look at?

Mise en scène:
How do we create atmospheric conditions best suited to our creation? We'll talk about how to interface and negotiate with performers, when to direct and when they direct you, and some basic etiquette in regards to our creation of ethical and erotic images. This will also cover some basics about producing and distributing in Australia and abroad.

DAY 2: essentially a playshop to explore these elements much further. We'll make use of projection, live feeds, a decent spectrum of equipment, and each other to experiment with what we've covered in Day 1. Intimacy with imagery; a delicious prospect.


  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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