Exploring Sexual Orientations


Sunday, 16th February, 6pm-8pm, $40, Members $20


Heffron Hall, 36 Burton Street, Darlinghurst


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The sex researcher Alfred Kinsey famously argued that most people do not fall purely and simply into the categories of heterosexual, homosexual or bi-sexual. Sexual orientation is a rather a scale, where most people have elements of both heterosexuality and homosexuality, without them necessarily being equally allotted. Forces in our culture, however, strongly encourage us to identify in one way or the other and to suppress whatever history we have that doesn't simply fit into this identity.


In this workshop, we will explore our hidden histories of cross-orientation, i.e., those times where we have found ourselves attracted to people other than those we normally expect--or are expected--to desire. We will also give attention to asexuality as a possible orientation as well as doing experimentation with cross-dressing and gender bending, For those who have never tried cross-dressing and gender bending, this workshop could be an ideal introduction. As always in the sexuality research group, physical experimentation will be linked to self-reflection and discussion.


With the increasing recognition of trans-gender, intersex and sex/gender diversity, these old nineteenth century categories of homosexual and heterosexual break down somewhat and cease to be self-evident, if indeed they ever were. For this reason we will also look at the concept of pansexuality, which rejects the gender binary, and includes attraction to people who do not identify strictly as men or women. We will also give consideration to Janet Hardy's fabulous concepts of girfag and guydyke