Philosophical Perspectives on Mortality

A two-hour workshop on Sunday 17th August, 4pm-6pm 

$50 (Early Bird to August 10)

$30 (Members and Low Income)

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Course Description

With good reason mortality has been considered to be one philosophy’s most important and enduring questions. What is the meaning or meaninglessness of existence in relation to death? Can one learn to die? How are philosophical approaches in this regard different from religious ones? What is the role of faith in relation to death? What is the role of the other? And the unconscious? Is death an 'experience' that takes place simply at the end of existence? Or is it rather something that traverses life and is an integral part of it, pre-determining our relations with others and communication? What is death’s relation to sexuality, eroticism and love? And to what extent is it knowable?


About the Tutor

Doctor Peter Banki is Research Associate in Philosophy at the University of Western Sydney. He holds a Ph.D from New York University. He has published a number of articles in peer review journals in the fields of continental philosophy and literature. He has recently spoken about his research on sexuality on the Radio National Program “The Philosophers’ Zone” and has tutored and lectured in philosophy at the University of Western Sydney and also at the University of Sydney. His website is