Introduction to De-Armouring with Emma Abandon

Saturday 11th October, 2pm-5:30pm,

$89, Members and Low Income, $69

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What is de-armouring?


De-Armouring is a bodywork practice of applying pressure to specific points on the body known to release emotions, memories, or physical constrictions which impede one’s experience of being embodied – on a sensate, psychological, emotional, and even psychic level. In contemporary practice, de-armouring is most often done to expand the body’s capacity for sexual pleasure and is called Tantric De-Armouring. 


This modern conception of de-armouring evolved from Wilhelm Reich’s study in the 1930s: his theory held that life events (everything from emotional pain to the experience of birth) cause muscular constrictions in the body which, over time, hardens, creating an ‘armour’ of the body’s tissues. Memories re-trigger a muscular reaction, further contracting the body. Reich’s experience was that by removing the armour, accomplished by softening the body through specific bodywork techniques, orgasmic capacity is significantly enhanced. His practice of healing emotions and physical ailments through the body was part of a larger movement in that era, and one which led to the development of many modalities such as Rolfing, Bowen Therapy, Re-Birthing, to name but a few.


In fact, this practice of deep-tissue ‘de-armouring’ is as old as time. In many Native American traditions, de-armouring was performed for physical healing, psychological as well as psychic purposes. It was, and still can be, a quite Shamanic experience, lifting one into a liminal space, where spontaneous healing may occur. In native traditions, de-armouring aimed far beyond the liberation of sexual energies:  it was meant to free life force energy from the pain of the past, thereby expanding one’s joy and health overall. 


Concepts of de-armouring are similarly reflected in the application of Traditional Chinese Medicine acupressure, which correlates pain and emotion to a restriction in the flow of chi in specific points. There are arguably numerous cultures that have discovered the power of bodywork as applied in this manner. It’s important to note that every practitioner, whilst building on the traditions of her training, inevitably draws on a deep body wisdom learned in contemplative application over time. 




Join Emma Michelle Dixon of Abandon Your Inhibitions for an introduction to the practice of De-Armouring. She will give a short presentation of de-armouring as a concept, before explaining how she uses it in her sexuality work. Her particular approach is continually evolving in response to her client’s experiences as well as her study of other kinds of bodywork, neuroscience, and traditional systems. She will focus this workshop on using de-armouring to expand sexual sensation, and will do a demonstration, then guide participants in pairs to do their own practice with one another. Genital touch is included if and when partners are in agreement. 


Bring a partner or be paired up with someone on the day. You can give or receive as far as your boundaries permit, and will be encouraged to be clear about your needs, limits, and desires!


Please bring a towel and a blanket each.


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