Rope and Intimacy Party

Friday, 7th November, 7pm for 7:30pm start, (no entry after 8pm)

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Schwelle Sydney invites you to a Rope and Intimacy party. Come experience the power of rope to create and nurture intimate play. 

The evening will open with a one hour rope class, suited both to beginers and more experienced players, whose purpose is to open the space to deep play. 

This party is quieter and more experimental than other parties in Sydney. The atmosphere is more like ritual, whose purpose is to make space for deeper physical and erotic experiences. 

It is possible to come single or with a partner. Ropes are available, although it is also advised to bring your own, if you have.

This is a party that is welcoming of couples who wish to play only with one another. It is also welcoming of those who are more adventurous. There is absolutely no expectation that you engage physically beyond the sphere in which you feel safe and comfortable.

Extravagant outfits only.

Cost $30 Members/Low Income $25.00.

Party is limited to 20 people.

Registration of Interest Beforehand is Required to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Single men are generally refused admission, unless they are personally known to the host.

Doors are open only between 7pm-8pm, after which the doors will be shut to protect the atmosphere and so the participants can enter into deep play.

The Rope and Intimacy Party is for every-body. We strongly encourage playfulness, gracefulness and politeness.

What to bring: BYO, play equipment, toys, rope, etc.

Dress code: Fetish – Hyper Sexy – Deviant. Extravagant outfits and costumes.

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 Photo by Mila


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