An Evening of Ritual and Performance with Ruby May

Thursday, 12th February, 20:00 - 22:00

$40 Early Bird, $30 Member/Low Income


Preshana Yoga Studio, located at L2, 197 Oxford St, Darlinghurst  

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You are warmly invited to an intimate evening of ritual and performance: a unique opportunity to witness the art of combining the worlds of Tantric Massage and the practice of BDSM.

BDSM (Bondage Discipline, Dominance Submission, Sadism Masochism), is often shrouded in shadow and taboo and regarded as mutually exclusive to the practice of Tantra. In reality, both can be powerful tools for awakening and transformation, and when combined, reveal great beauty in their paradox: power in surrendering and humility in power, freedom in restriction and sacred in the profane.

In this intimate setting, a small number of guests will witness a live performance where a number of traditional BDSM techniques including rope, whipping and breathplay will be integrated into Tantric Massage, in alignment with the Tantric principles of raising energy and consciousness.

Rather than following a script or goal, the performance is an experiment in presence and in honouring of the truth of each moment. Embracing the vulnerability this creates, with neither giver nor receiver knowing what will unfold and every moment intensified, by the power of your presence, as the witness.

The ritual will be followed by a discussion where guests are invited to share their impressions or ask questions.

Inquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The evening is facilitated by Ruby May, a Berlin-based ‘sexpansionist’ whose work with sexuality and consciousness has led her to explore many different expressions of connection and play and their potential as paths in awakening and transformation. Ruby has worked as a sexological bodyworker, intimacy coach and Tantric Domina, and is co-founder of the Sacred Kink Academy, which offers education on the potential of BDSM in personal and spiritual growth. Her international workshops and rituals are the manifestation of her passion for creating spaces of permission and possibility and where play becomes a vehicle for connecting to the fullness of who we really are, and experiencing ourselves ‘beyond our imagination.’


“As well as being a powerful tool for enjoying more pleasure, playfulness, intimacy and arousal, Conscious Kink gives us a safe platform for connecting to our shadows – the parts of us we judge as wrong or inappropriate that lie buried deep within us, often without our conscious awareness. As well as suffering under the shame this creates, we often unconsciously act them out or accuse others of doing so, increasing our disconnection and separation in the world. When we realize that we are a microcosm of the macrocosm and contain every single quality we observe in the outside world, and we connect to these shadow parts of us in conscious and embodied ways, we begin to transform them. Healing these parts within us and learning about stepping into our true personal power, with our hearts wide open is the first step to healing the world around us” – Ruby May, 2013.


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