Week-end Workshop with Ruby May

A Week-end Workshop, 14th February-15th February (11am-6pm), $249 both days, $139 one day

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Join Ruby May for a weekend of embodied exploration, play and transformation, and discover what the world of Conscious Kink has to offer…

Conscious Kink is the art of exploring the full spectrum of our sexuality, especially the frequently more taboo or hidden aspects, in a fully awake, embodied and connected way.

‘Sensual Surrender’ is an opportunity to let go of all of the preconceived ideas or judgements you may have around ‘kink’, and dive into your own experience and the potential that awaits you!

Combining the Tantric principles of raising energy and consciousness with our play, we will discover new dimensions of pleasure, insight, growth and transformation and be inspired by the many beautiful paradoxes the combination of these two worlds offer: finding the sacred in the profane, freedom through restriction and power through surrender. 


Together we will create a safe, respectful and heart-connected space, where we are invited to dance with our edge while fully honouring our boundaries and those of others, in each moment.

 Receive the opportunity to explore:

  • Turning ‘pain’ into intensity and pleasure
  • Using intense sensation to move energy through the body, including working with ecstatic trance states and blocked emotion
  • Exploring the shadow aspects of our relationship to giving and receiving ‘pain’ and connecting to our inner perpetrator/victim
  • Dominance and submission as a gateway to growth, playfulness and creativity
  • Exploring the shadow aspects of our relationship to power
  • How to identify and make friends with our shame
  • Identifying our Core Erotic Theme, and exploring what this and our fantasies say about us, our relationship to intimacy, desire, shame, and the masculine and the feminine.

We will include elements such as Tantric spanking, breath play, role play, exploring our ‘authentic’ dominance, and finding our power through service and surrender. During our time together, we will explore what is possible without the use of instruments and toys, focusing on our body’s capacity for creativity, and the extra presence, and awareness of the richness of subtlety this invites.

Together we will enjoy a balance between pleasure and playfulness, and working with the intention of using our play for personal growth and transformation. We will use our collective intention to create a powerful space in which we can practice connecting to our Truth in each moment, and having the courage to embody it.  

We will welcome our shadows – the aspects of our selves that we are disconnected from, and create ways to connect and integrate them in healthy ways, using our play as a gateway to profound intimacy with our self and others, and a tool for deepening self-love and -acceptance.

This workshop is open to the timid and the brave, to all genders, sexual preferences and skill levels and equally suitable for those participating alone or with a partner.

10344347_755839094468588_3972668804809460981_oRuby May is a British born, Berlin-based self-described sexpansionist, whose passion lies in creating playful, magical spaces in which intention and structure create the safety and freedom for life to unfold through us in new ways, so we can experience ourselves ‘beyond our imagination’. Her workshops draw inspiration from conscious sexuality, shadow healing and authentic expression as tools for personal and spiritual growth and transformation, with her interest and research in ritual, shamanism, constellation work and spiritual ecology, all in the quest of supporting us in discovering deeper layers of our Truth, so that we can embody greater authenticity, freedom and joy and live in sacred relationship to life.

Her gateway into working with sexuality began ten years ago as a burlesque and fetish costume designer in London and has since then unfolded into an extensive exploration of the relationship between sexuality and embodied spirituality. She has worked as a sexological bodyworker, intimacy coach, Tantric Domina, is co-founder of the Sacred Kink Academy and focuses now on facilitating workshops and rituals.

As well as being a powerful tool for enjoying more pleasure, playfulness, intimacy and arousal, Conscious Kink gives us a safe platform for connecting to our shadows – the parts of us we judge as wrong or inappropriate that lie buried deep within us, often without our conscious awareness. As well as suffering under the shame this creates, we often unconsciously act them out or accuse others of doing so, increasing our disconnection and separation in the world. When we realize that we are a microcosm of the macrocosm and contain every single quality we observe in the outside world, and we connect to these shadow parts of us in conscious and embodied ways, we begin to transform them. Healing these parts within us and learning about stepping into our true personal power, with our hearts wide open is the first step to healing the world around us” – Ruby May, 2013.

“ The fusion of sacred sex with conscious BDSM is the new frontier of sexual and spiritual growth. Ruby and her team are the perfect caring, creative, and courageous facilitators to nurture and expand this work.” - Barbara Carellas, author of ‘Urban Tantra’ and “Ecstasy is Necessary”

Inquiries at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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