Cinematic Intimacies with Gala Vanting







23nd January, 6pm for 6:30pm start

Location Critical Path

Tickets $20, $15 (Members/low Income)

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Cinematic Intimacies: Eroticism on Film


The many facets of pornography and erotic film have been difficult discussions in Australia, due to arcane attitudes towards adult content and a lack of awareness of alternative and underground erotic film culture.  Thus we rarely have an opporunity to discover for ourselves what porn and erotic film can mean for us, and how it can function.  Gala Vanting curates an evening of film and discussion with the hopes of discovering all of the things that porn might do – including, but not limited to, turning us on – and offering the audience a small sampling of the wide range of erotic representation that exists outside of the mainstream.  This is a rare opportunity to share a collective cinematic experience with other people in celebration of porn’s possibilities.


Melbourne-based Gala Vanting is an award-winning erotic film producer, sex worker, educator, pleasure activist, and erotic imaginist.  She draws from a diverse background in the sexuality field and brings a conscious queer feminist approach to her work.  Central to all of this is the core value of intimacy and the democratization of sexy.  To find out more about her work visit and




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