Moving Eros with Annetta Luce

Monday, 26nd January, 9am-1pm, @ Critical Path 


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Be the connoisseur of your body.  The body is the source for felt knowledge.  One’s sensual sexual practice is a lifetime of unraveling beliefs that inhibit our naturalness and mask our individuality. Movement can offer a playful and conscious exploration of the Erotic inherent in all life and the basic need for healthy contact, touch and intimacy.

This workshop will involve components from Erotic Anatomy, Contact Improvisation and Feasting the Body.

Come and experience the corporeal wisdom and sexual magic of Annetta Luce as part of the Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex

In this Workshop, you will experience:

  • Grounding in the foundation of desire with evolutionary movement patterns
  • Shamanic approach to priming the senses 
  • Increasing your magnetism and attraction
  • Learn to cultivate and move your creative life force sexual energy.
  • • Feel how congruency of our core with our voice supports boundary setting skills. Adding dimension and shape to “No.” or “Yes”

Annetta’s teaching spans cultural borders from a performative collaboration with Sydney’s Capoeira community,  instigating Urban Tribal Dance at Sydney Dance Company’s studios, a rural Maasai village in Kenya, to Sexy Spirits in New York City. Her vision of Moving Eros continues the parallel trajectory of a life path, bridging dance and sexuality with shamanic practice. Her most focus is studying with the Nagual Lujan Matus inThailand &Costa Rica. She resides in Arizona and is an apprentice on the Sweet Medicine Sundance path she has explored all 4 levels of the Quodoushka Sacred Sexuality teachings. 

M.A. in Dance, Certified Movement Therapist, NLP Practitioner. Body/mind Centering, Contact Improvisation and Martial Arts.

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Contact Improvisation is a spontaneous moving with another as a duet using contact.  The How of the contact is the spontaneous part and supported with movement principles. An invitation with our entire body being present and available that supports authenticity by dropping expectations and outcomes. Using the floor and the multiplicity of surfaces of a partner you find new movement with levity, support, giving, taking, weight and distinguishing the difference of sensing and feeling.Sexuality is always present as a catalyst energy residing in the background and when invited moves to the foreground !   

Feasting the Body

Feasting is seeking the full spectrum of senses that inhabit the visceral“wilderness inside” our  bodies. Blurring edges of how to receive and give sensual pleasure and the possibility of both simultaneously.

Eros joins our erotic primordial animal nature and our highest form of spirit.  In this workshop, the play is experiential predator/prey but not of the Animal Kingdom, both are receptive in the mutual hunt, each the explorer. The prey is the feast,the hunger and the banquet.Rather than consumption, the food of desire is expressing the love our of our physical naturalness and spirit.


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