Monogamy or Polyamory - which is better?

Sunday, 16th March, 6pm-8pm, $40, Members and Low Wage $20

Heffron Hall, 36 Burke Street, Darlinghurst.

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Schwelle Sydney invites you to take part in a theatrical debate with Doctor Nikó Antalffy and Doctor Peter Banki on the topic "Monogamy or Polyamory: Which is better?" We are honoured to be joined by Nikó, who is well-known Polyamory Activist and Lecturer in Sociology at Macquarie University. 

For anyone who thinks and experiments with sexuality, sooner or later the question of multiple partners is going to come up. The question is probably unavoidable. We believe it is necessary to promote ongoing thinking, learning and discussion about what the options are, without claiming to know which one is the ‘best’ or ‘most natural’: monogamy, infidelity, polyamory or open relationships. In our viewboth monogamy and polyamory have their benefits as well as their difficulties and challenges. Indeed, as Janet Hardy co-author of The Ethical Slut has often noted, many of the relationships skills that are necessary for one are just as necessary for the other.   

Peter, who has curated Xplore for three years in Sydney, will explain why at this point in his life he chooses monogamy and Nikó will explain why and how she is polyamorous. During the debate, we will discuss questions such as what is difficult about monogamy as well as what is difficult also about polyamory? How in both cases does one deal—or not deal—with fear, suffering and abandonment? How natural is monogamy (for humans and animals)? What role does dream and fantasy play in polyamorous relationships? What is the role of disclosure and consent in both? How do gender and power differences play out? Which scenario serves who better? 

As always, the workshop will include physical and movement exercises to reawaken our sensate bodies and feelings.


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