Laughing Yoga and Cuddle Party

This introductory evening will begin with laughter yoga. Laughter Yoga is simulated as body exercises in a group setting with plenty of childlike playfulness, which soon turns into real and contagious laughter. If you haven't tried Laughter Yoga, this is your chance!

Cuddle Party is a workshop in which you can explore the art of consensual and boundary-appropriate touch. The premise of hugging parties is the recognition of human beings need to be held and touched. Being held and touched is as vital and necessary as thirst, hunger, and sex.

There is vast literature on the benefits of hugging for infants but not much research is available for the benefits for adolescents, adults or seniors.

We are a touch-deprived society. We are afraid to touch, afraid  to ask and reach out for the touch we need. We like to invite you to come co-create this safe space in which women and men of all sexual orientations can begin to communicate more authentically and listen profoundly.

This is mutual touch by consent, and clothes-on workshop.

You will

  • Do as little or as much as you desire – and will be encouraged to just be you.
  • Create strong boundaries for yourself without shutting others down.
  • Begin to be more open to others and able to give and receive comfortably.
  • Be touched, valued and nurtured.

What Past Participants Said:

“I attended my first hugging party hosted by Dr Martha Lee in September. I went into the event with a curious mind not knowing what to expect. There were  8 other participants and initially there was shyness and apprehension in the air not knowing what to do. The host Martha did a great job with a series of short exercises which involves eye contact, hand holding and sending warm loving intention to each other to shorten our distance and ease us into the trusting mood and to provide a safe space to be who we are. We also did some affirmation and assertive exercise which I have found very useful to bring about self awareness and to learn to listen to our body. The session ended with group massage, spontaneous and friendly group hug at the end of which we all felt like best friends after a mere two hours of interaction. All in all it has been a really refreshing and unique experience, something I would definitely recommend for people who are looking to live life in vibrant colours.” – Anonymous (Best to give a name, even a made up one), Sept 2013

“Hugging party was a unique experience. At first it might seem something you want to avoid, after a while you realise that it is actually a genuine experience. Again, you relied too much on the 1st impression. It actually feels good and if you have an open mind for new and unique experiences, I suggest you explore the Hugging party” – Anonymous (as above), Sept 2013

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