Sex and Death Party

This is the first party we've hosted for a while. On many levels, it was an experiment. Natalia and I were both nervous. Over several hours we created a sensual, beautiful space in our home with candles and hanging bamboo and translucent fabrics. Our close friend, Alien, who is sometimes mistaken for a teddy bear, generously offered to hang blindfolded in suspension for the duration of the party so as to be a reminder of death and/or execution. 

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A Natural History of Desire

A shibari photo essay and poem by Kari McKern, from Tantric Shibari 18th March, 2014.

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Notes on Being Bad and Transgression

Do I live off and promote sexual exploration because I believe it does good for people? Or rather because I am attracted incorrigibly to the thrill and danger of the forbidden? 

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Refreshed in both body and spirit

I left last night with my mind clear. Refreshed in both body and spirit. Peter is right that connection with Rope, gentle or violent can be healing. After a torrid stressful work day it was what I needed.


Last nights Tantric Shibari solidified for me what Rope and Bondage do for the whole of me, body, heart, mind and spirit. How through the Rope I can fall into a space where I learn more about myself and more about my partner.

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Mask Play

3 December 2013

It was an evening of the primordial and the high ceremony. It was also an evening of generous sharing. We began by prowling on all fours...

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Holding Someone Touching Oneself


Unfolding like fern leaves

Crawling out of the skin-stained cuff


(Your) hand –

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Linking the Senses to the Imagination

Tonight we practiced linking the senses to the imagination, first alone and then with a partner. With the spacing of touch one is able to create a story for oneself and also for the other, and in so dong sustain and deepen interest.  All good sexual and BDSM play, in my view, should have this capacity of igniting the imagination through touch and/or the refusal of touch.

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The Dominance of the Visual

I have broken with my religion, which is to focus on the feeling, the invisible in touch and shibari and to question the primacy of the visual. Tonight I thought, 'lets emphasise the visual': the rigger is creating an artwork and the model is participating in the making of this artwork with the awareness that she or he will be seen. We read the ropework like a poem. With citations, with paint dripping, we mix shibari with unshibari. We learn to read the rope like a poem, like an artwork.


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What did I learn from Joseph Kramer?

Joseph is a kind and intelligent man with a great deal to teach. He gave two classes at Schwelle Sydney on 26 & 27th August, 2013.

What did I learn from him?

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Yoga and Writing

I have noticed for some time that when I do some sort of embodied practice the answers to the question "so what inside me needs to be said" changes in tone. It comes from a less heady place. A slightly different and usually wiser aspect of me takes the drivers seat and my writing cuts to the heart of the matter.

Yoga and writing was a reminder of this. Just the act of being with other people who acknowledged the same thing is beneficial. Little unconscious things shift into place by acknowledging it out loud to each other and putting it into practice. Dedicated time with no where else to be and nothing else to do means that procrastinating demon quiets down and takes a snooze.


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