The Dominance of the Visual

I have broken with my religion, which is to focus on the feeling, the invisible in touch and shibari and to question the primacy of the visual. Tonight I thought, 'lets emphasise the visual': the rigger is creating an artwork and the model is participating in the making of this artwork with the awareness that she or he will be seen. We read the ropework like a poem. With citations, with paint dripping, we mix shibari with unshibari. We learn to read the rope like a poem, like an artwork.


I was happily surprised that this happened during the evening. At a certain point, everyone stopped and took the time to look, to read the tie that Natalia had made on herself. This close reading and making connections is something that fascinates awakens and elevates a deeper interest.

Increasingly, I bring contact improvisation as an introduction. Tonight I suggested that couples move together with the rope as a third person. So the rope is not controlled with or by an agenda. Then afterwards we did a revision of our toolbox: the knot, the nodome, the change of direction, the basket, the looping techniques, which gave birth to some interesting experiments. I took several photos. During the evening I let myself fall into participation, contact improvisation with N, who tied my head to hers. We had never done this before. I had wished that someone had taken a photo of us.

(Tantric Shibari, Tuesday, 17th September, 2013.) 

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