Linking the Senses to the Imagination

Tonight we practiced linking the senses to the imagination, first alone and then with a partner. With the spacing of touch one is able to create a story for oneself and also for the other, and in so dong sustain and deepen interest.  All good sexual and BDSM play, in my view, should have this capacity of igniting the imagination through touch and/or the refusal of touch.

The story that is going on for one person in the interaction may not be the same as the story that is going on for the other. But that's okay. In fact, it teaches something deep about human relations, i.e., the possibility of non-relation in the most intimate relation. 

I felt it was a successful evening, even though there were only four people. We discussed being able to hear in the way someone talks if their mind is connected to their body--if when they speak they still feel or listen to their body and their feelings. Avril said powerfully that the reason she was attracted to the "Really Good Sex" workshop was because it offers do body/mind work with sexuality And, of course, there aren't many possibilities to do this in our culture. If I were to get an academic job, then I might have to give up teaching and holding the space for this body/mind work. And that would be a shame, because it is so necessary.

When someone speaks, can you hear if what they are saying is in touch or not with what they are feeling in the body? Or not feeling? For me, in my academic work I have often saught to link theory to the reading of specific literary texts, where what is thought at the level of generality about language is put to the test, ventured or gambled, displaced, by the singularity of a signature.

As in yoga, where your mind responds to the feeling of what part of your body is touching the floor, and pressing, staying true and letting it penetrate through--and calming the brain.

I had a powerful experience with I., who lay blindfolded. I lay the ropes on that part of the body where his genitals are, and I noticed my attention was drawn to that part. This surprised me. 

(Really Good Sex, 24th September) 



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