Mask Play

3 December 2013

It was an evening of the primordial and the high ceremony. It was also an evening of generous sharing. We began by prowling on all fours...


which brought us solidly back into our physical bodies, on our own and brushing up against others. Some with eyes open, others (like mine) closed. In this space we lost the “head space” we operate under and reverted to the primordial – just being bodies. Some made sounds, others (like me) were silent. In this space we operated on touch and presence alone.

We each took turns in pairs to move in this space and to watch others move in this space. For one participant this reminded her of how her dog is a body and moves as such. We reflected on all our different feelings and this and how freeing it had felt to move like this, free of thought – just body and movement, just interior space and presence. When we connected it was as physical bodies and presences.

In the next phase, we experimented with masks and ropes. Inspired by the example set before us by our hosts we were very open to experimenting in this realm. In this space all were masked and rope wound gently round each of our heads in an elegant and enclosing fashion. There was a time of stillness as we sank into the sensory darkness that prevailed in that moment for each of us. And then we moved.

Some of us made sounds and connected vocally before moving and brushing against the other in close proximity. Others were silent and still. We moved as the moment took us. What resonates for me was how my breath synchronised with that of the co-habitee of our common presence/space. On unravelling and de-masking, we reflected on the beauty of all our respective moments.

The evening closed with a beautiful Chinese tea ceremony. Jasmine, scent inhaled and liquid drank, was a perfect counterpoint to a varied evening.

- HS (Hedonic Shaman)

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