Refreshed in both body and spirit

I left last night with my mind clear. Refreshed in both body and spirit. Peter is right that connection with Rope, gentle or violent can be healing. After a torrid stressful work day it was what I needed.


Last nights Tantric Shibari solidified for me what Rope and Bondage do for the whole of me, body, heart, mind and spirit. How through the Rope I can fall into a space where I learn more about myself and more about my partner.

Schwelle, Peter and N grant a space where this can happen. I am grateful.


It was a delight to have so many new faces. I enjoyed watching and learning from the newness and wealth of experience others bring to the space.


Peter and N demonstrated a way to express sex and humiliation through Rope by a 'hog tie'. The spontaneous shout from Peter, and N's response, during the demonstration awakened a group response of laughter and connection to what we were watching. The sound had drawn us closer to the experience.


I love N's word 'exposed' as an alternative to 'obscene' to describe tieing in this way. Both describe the vast spectrum of what Rope and Sex can gift me.

We all then played with Rope. Jake was quick to dominate me and his use of a fingernail, cane and hair tie released me. Healed me.


I am grateful that Schwelle encourages us bottoms to tie and that Jake gifted his submission, albeit with cheekiness and delight in pushing me to tie him harder. I WILL tie him again and again and again.


It was an erotic and arousing experience. I loved it. Its what Tantric Shibari is about for me.

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