A Natural History of Desire

A shibari photo essay and poem by Kari McKern, from Tantric Shibari 18th March, 2014.


Desire ( A Natural History)


Before marriages were measured,

We endlessly budded, good buddy.

But Eros and Thanatos busted open Eden.

With an offer we couldn't refuse;




In Cambrian seas,

The male tracks my tail.

Quickening my eggs with,
Water sport.


With my jaw.

Her willing flank.

Between my teeth.

Enjoying the attention.

Lucky it is also good for biting.


Limbed: one, two, and five times four.

Nights wet and wild with slimy boys;

We heave our morning-shiny bodies sand-ward.

Salad and siesta, sweetie.


In a fur coat.

You can get away with nearly anything;

Asleep the long saurian day,

And out all hours.


With my colour eye for flashy fruit I see,

why the feathered took flight and serve the tree.

Strong binocular boy, sweeten my mood;

Hold me tight, this arboreal night.


At leisure.

Around the flickering fire,

Of a finishing school

We turn our history to art and rough play.

And dance together,

To keep the dark away.


Kari McKern 24/02/14


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