Tantric Shibari, 23rd April, 2013

Like the weather as the ropes moved over her body, maybe like clouds. She was passive, while the others tried to resonance together with touch and rope on her body. That was what I asked. One tier would lead with rhythm and approach and the others would follow. Also to get out a little from the idea that shibari always has to be done in couples. Why not three or four people on one person? (We did the same experiment about a year and a half ago with Steven James as the one being tied.)

I said the rope has an infinite quality, that there is no limit to the ways and directions it can take. And the messy approach--one that doesn’t try always to control the rope--helps you to appreciate this infinite quality more quickly.

While this happened, Kari had a fantasy from a porn film, that she was the porn star who seduced all these men to play with her.  I liked that the experiment with the ropes opened up an erotic memory.

This experiment was the final one of the evening. Before that, we had put the rope around the neck to explore physical tension as a way to create connection between two people through the rope. Even the most subtle changes in tension are felt by the one who is wearing the rope. Rope Tumescence, as Kari has said. This tension on the rope is like erotic tension – when it drops, it is like someone loses their erection. So following this analogy, one should keep the tension on the rope all the time…but, on the other hand, maybe not. One isn’t always erect. And one shouldn’t always have to be erect. Maybe this is already an overly macho thinking.

It’s funny today my lover told me she liked the machismo of me exposing my cock and asking her to look at it. This machismo turned her on. 

The first experiment of the evening was the Air Shibari. I wanted to explore the rope or tying without the rope. Without knowing exactly why. Then in the course of the experiment I found out why. The answer is flow.  When you work without the rope and then you work with the rope, you find that it is much harder to maintain the flow with the rope

I don’t like the word exercise. My propositions are not exercises, as if one were preparing for something else. These are experiences in their own right. And I want to offer people the possibility of experiences, without always knowing where they go. They are experiments.

Finally, three of the four participants wrote to me after the class to tell me they enjoyed it.  Of course, you never know how a class or a session really goes. But when you try different things and takes risks, it is always possible that it doesn’t work. Perhaps everyone knew that. So it was gratifying that people felt the desire to tell me that what they had experienced was useful and good.  

Tantric Shibari 4th June, 2013

Tonight I came out of class feeling very happy. The first thought I had was that it is as there are totally other laws that govern what we do in this space to what goes on outside of it. So much of the day is preoccupied with concerns of a completely other order. Here it is just about being attentive to ourselves, to one another and the rope. And to listen to each other talk about our experiences.

We started with wrapping the rope around our heads. A single rope. This is a very simple thing, but there are countless ways to do it: fast, slow, messy, careful. And there are many ways also to take the rope off. You can rub it off or take it off strand by strand. The exercise very quickly takes you very deep. 

I got the idea from last week, when Nick told me that it was difficult for him to stop his mind I wrapped the rope around his head. While I was doing it, I had the thought that this could be a performance. Even though it is technically one of the simplest things from a certain perspective, I found that I had to use all my skills as a rope artist and also as a dancer to perform the task well. I had to be attentive to my body in space, I had to make sure that there was tension on the rope, I had to be very careful to arrange my body so that the rope could move around his head in an even rhythm. This wasn't easy since he was against the wall. I noticed that it was working, that something was transforming in him...which in a sense was his the exercise was actually for the one being tied to put attention on their role...and to take responsibility for it.

I had the thought that after the head is tied the person could then move through the space...which is effectively what happened...the week after...i.e. this week...when I tied my own head and Artemisia rang the door bell. She came late, but let me know in advance that she was doing so, which made it possible for me to let her into the game. When I opened the door, she was confronted with a head in rope, a room of heads in rope, and exquisite Japanese shakuhachi meditation music, played by Riley Lee.

Jake in fact was the first to arrive and he told me that he liked the photo of me hanging in self-suspension with the Kinoko pelvic harness. So as a consequence I decided to teach the Kinoko pelvic harness, which is the most comfortable and safest way to do suspension. After all, your pelvis is where your strength is. Not your upper body, where the Takate Kote is placed. That's why there has to be so much attention given to the tying of Takete Kote, because of where it is placed on the body.

Unfortunately we didn't get time to do more than demonstrate the pelvic harness. But still it was very beautiful. Kari hung upside down and upright for ages and ages, once she was suspended. Jake helped with suspending her, since I couldn't manage it myself. We took lots and lots of photos.

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