Schwelle Sydney is a non-profit-organization run by the Xplore Festival Sydney Incorporated (Incorporation number: INC 9894818). We are looking for individuals who would like to become members of the association and/or help with the organization and development of the space. By doing so, you help to support the overall concept, which is to provide a non-commercial space to offer workshops and events to promote a more informed and reflective sexual culture.

To become a member, please click here


"The intimacy and safety of the space created at Schwelle events is at once hypnotic, enticing, energizing and relaxing. It has provided me with a safe haven to learn about, grow into and feel comfortable with my own sexuality...I feel I learn something new about who I am every time I come back." - Sion


"I came to Schwelle for the first time last September having little knowledge of rope or bodywork or anything close to some of the concepts taught and shared here. Since then it's been a roller-coaster ride of growth both physical and mental, bordering on something quite profound and spiritual. To go in eight months from someone shy, painfully insecure and self-conscious to the person I am now--relaxed, open-minded and comfortable in my own skin--speaks volumes for the space Peter has created. It is a place both safe and secure and welcoming that encourages everyone, regardless of where they've come from, to simply allow themselves to be. I know that I personally am incredibly grateful for my time at Schwelle Sydney so far. Never would I have dreamed I could grow so much and gain so much happiness and contentment in my life. It is a truly life-altering experience." - Erin


"I was hanging from the ceiling last night. Tied in a neat and aesthetic manner using red shibari rope in a Japanese "shell" pattern. It put me in touch with my pelvic floor and freed me of the weight of my legs. Schwelle is a setting where you can discover more about yourself by way of the many techniques, modes and manners of submision, compliance, domination and erotic play in an environment of physical and ethical safety." - Kari


"Whilst everyone has gone to work and giving myself permission to still lie in bed, I can't express the enormous awakening that i'm feeling, at present....I built a barrier to numb myelf from truly "feeling" as a means to cope with life. This week-end has shattered that wall and I'm crying joyous tears, even as I'm writing to you now...I'm truly thankful for all that you offer to people such as myself." - Morgana (Pornographer, Winner of 2012 Petra Joy Award) 


 "As a woman who struggled to integrate her emotional, intellectual and physical/sexual self for many years, Schwelle provided a unique space in which I was finally able to bring all these elements together. From a  very early age women in particular are 'taught' that our sexual selves belong to, or are dictated by, the needs, views and desires of others. My experiences at Schwelle were truly a way to claim my sexuality, desire and erotic life as my own. Through the exercises and discussions I was able to engage with erotic feeling, emotion, fantasy and play without the 'white noise' that dominates talk about sex in our society. As a result, I was able to listen to my own erotic voice and engage with it on my own terms. The discovery of self that resulted was profound as I finally felt a sense of 'knowing myself in sex' in a way that had felt impossible for so many years. Paradoxically, bringing thought and sex together at Schwelle enabled me to be more fully present when engaged in sex itself, letting desire flow freely, while more conscious thought simply fell away." Adelaide 


"Xplore 2013 was my entrance into the sex-positive community. I think it’s fair to say it changed my life and gave me an sustained optimism about what it is possible to experience in this realm, and for someone as sceptical as myself, that was a real revelation. The Schwelle community, which is the base from which Xplore is built, is my home in this realm.  I have been a member of Schwelle for a year now, and it has been a magnificent, intriguing, challenging and exciting year in Schwelle. It is the place that I feel the most confident, will take the necessary care and have the breadth of different experiences to offer. Schwelle/Xplore’s great strengths are twofold. Firstly, it interweaves the intellect with the somatic in its approach in traversing across the various different areas of the sex-positive community. Secondly, it caters for and is concerned with BDSM, kink, poly, tantra, and many other areas that are too often fashioned into discrete ghettos within the community. I have not experienced this kind of offering anywhere else on a sustained basis.  It is this comprehensive package and the intelligent and embodied way it is shared by Peter and Natalia and their co-facilitators that give Schwelle/Xplore its unique strength. It is a unique resource in my view in the community. Although challenging us to test our preconceptions and embodied (self)knowledge, boundaries have always been respected and I have developed through my experience at Schwelle a high level of trust in their careful and continuous attention to boundaries and safety. Although, I meander in my explorations of the sex-positive community I return again and again to Schwelle, week in and week out, as my home from home, my place of safety, knowledge, intelligence and intriguing adventure. Without Xplore or Schwelle it is very clear to me that I would not have the high regard for what is possible in the sex-positive community that I have now." HS




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