Witcher is a talented rigger and BDSM educator from Berlin. He presents a week-end series of workshops for Schwelle Sydney. 

Witcher has explored different aspects of BDSM for many years. The deep connection with his play partner is always his main motivation and guiding point. His play is intense and very physical – he prefers what he calls „full body contact domination“. 

His big passion is shibari. He is an Osada Steve student ( trained with him in workshops as well as in private tuition at Studio Six in Tokyo. In addition Witcher has also trained with Hajime Kinoko, Arisue Go and a number of western shibari teachers. Through his exposure to different styles he has found his own unique way, building on the traditional teachings combined with a strong connecting element.

Beside shibari, knives and pressure points are an important part of his play. Witcher has always had a special fascination for blades and for the reaction that they induce in his play partner. He was first introduced to pressure points by Mark Yu, a sexual healer in the USA. Since then he has also trained in classical shiatsu including training with Master Kimura in Japan. He developed out of this is very personal style.


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