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Emma of Abandon (M Dixon, Phd) is a sexuality educator, intimacy coach, and bodyworker. She is the founder of Abandon and the primary instructor/facilitator. She began her alternative therapeutic study ten years ago when she did a two year course in mindfulness, hypnotherapy and energy work with Rhondda Stewart. After completing a Ph.d. in Russian politics and working in the field of creative and freelance writing, she delved into multiple therapeutic modalities and developed her own holistic approach to bodywork and coaching. She combines energy and breathwork, hypnotherapy, life coaching, Tantric body de-armouring, and principles of sexological bodywork to best suit the client. She is currently studying with Andrew Barnes, has trained in craniosacral and myofascial therapy, and will soon be qualified in NLP, hypnotherapy and life coaching.

She runs the popular “Sexual Mastery for Men” workshop regularly, works with women in particular on female archetypes for sexual empowerment, and is constantly expanding and deepening her intensive workshop for sexual healing and expansion, “Being Vulnerable.” In addition to running her own show, she has facilitated workshops for the Xplore Festival Sydney and Schwelle, amongst other gatherings, such as the Dossie Easton “Radical Ecstasy” weekend in Perth, 2014. She also conducts couples workshops with Paul K on sexual growth and healing. She is currently writing a book for women on female sexuality and sexual healing.

In her own words: Although in some ways I live a fairly conventional domestic life in the suburbs with my kids, I also run my own business and am certainly outside the box, and very joyfully so, when it comes to my work. I truly appreciate the experience of women across the spectrum. We all have genuine sexual needs that can become quashed by modern life. Equally, I appreciate the efforts of men to learn sensitivity and skill in their approach to women, and to open their hearts by mastering their sexual energies. In my limited spare time, I enjoy keeping fit, meditating, dancing around my living room and singing when no one can hear me, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and writing everything from academic articles and essays, to fiction. I have no interest in knitting, and I aspire to do more yoga and learn to garden. I live and work in Sydney.


Emma's website is Abandon Your Inhibitions

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