AñA Wojak

AñA Wojak is multi-discipinary artist working in painting, assemblage, site-specific installation and performance. Australian born, she studied in Gdansk, Poland and has been exhibiting for over 30 years.

She has appeared at the National Gallery, Canberra and her work has been shown in many award exhibitions including Archibald Prize (x4), Portia Geach Portrait Prize (x3), Sculpture by the Sea (x4), and the prestigious Blake Prize (x6), being awarded first prize in 2004. 

Performance artist since 1994, she started in underground parties and continues to create work that pushes the parameters of body art. In 1999 she co-founded senVoodoo with Fione McGregor (active until 2008), whose work has been shown extensively in Australia, Europe, China and the Americas. 

In 2006 AñA Wojak created chinese whispers (performance with local artists + installation) while at Red Gate Studios, Beijing, and presenting Red Flag at Dawn at DIAF06 (Dashanzi International Art Festival). She was the 2007 Artist in Residence at the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens, with photo~synthesis project (site-specific installation and performance). 

She continues to blur the lines between installation and performance with her ongoing project, songline. Begun in Java at undisclosed territories performance art meeting (March 07), the narrative has passed through Central Australia (Alice Desert Festival 07), Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens (Jan 08), Shanghai (Zendai MoMA, Nov 08) and will conclude in Eastern Europe in 2012.


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