Annetta Luce


Annetta trained in New York City with the history makers of modern dance and performed professionally for 10 years. She has an extensive education in the somatic therapies; she is a movement consultant for NLP and has studied with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, founder of the School of Body-Mind Centering in the USA. In the 90’s, Annetta instigated and taught Urban Tribal Dance for 6 years at the Sydney Dance Company Studios.

She also created Bricolage, a dance company for non-professionals that performed at the Power-House, Australian Museum and the Art Gallery of NSW. Annetta’s teaching formulas redefine modern perceptions of dance, creating a new attitude and aesthetic towards the body. She incorporates innovative techniques of Body/Mind Centering, NLP, Iyengar Yoga, Contact Improvisation, Capoeira and Shamanic Practices.

Annetta’s expertise is in teaching all ages at any skill level and working with students who have never danced before. Annetta has explored alternative practice as a researcher, performer, teacher and choreographer.


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