Really Good Sex

Fortnightly Sunday Evenings

Heffron Hall, 36 Burton Street, Darlinghurst


Cost: $40 ($50 at door), members and low income $20 

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Schwelle Sydney proposes a fortnightly evening of research into sexuality and love.

In this workshop we will not come from a position of knowing, but rather from a place of curiosity and research--where all the certitudes about sex are put into question. There will be physical experimentation, readings and discussion. It is always permissible to say 'no' or not participate.

We will discuss and experiment with fantasies, touch and breath, sex/gender identification and orientation, fetishes, tools, 'toys', power relations and emotions. What we do will also be dependent on who comes. 

Our research will be guided by questions such as: What is really good sex for me uniquely? What is the relationship between the sex I have (or don't have) and the rest of my life: the economic, political and social conditions of my existence? How much sex is enough? Can it ever be enough? What is the role of the emotions – positive and negative – in sex? And the environment in which we find ourselves? Why do we want to have sex more in some spaces rather than others? Do we degrade ourselves? Is our sexuality precious? Sacred? Or should we offer it to the first person who takes it? 

While the aim is, of course, to deepen and enrich our sex lives, it is also--and perhaps above all--to think about sex, to think with sex, which might be something quite other than 'talking about sex', which Michel Foucault identified as an implicit form of social conformity. Really good sex might be something quite different than what the media, pornography and our consumerist culture educates us to believe it is. 

Even if the learning of certain physical skills may be helpful, (and we encourage this), we believe that really good sex, if it happens, is always an event, which is to say that it can neither be predicted nor calculated.

"Even if you think you're having the experience of sex, you don't know what it is or what it's doing or what we're doing. If it's truly an event, it escapes you anyway." Avital Ronell

The sexuality reseach group is led by Peter Banki, Ph.D and Natalia Je: a couple who are in a committed relationship. 

2014 Program Semester 1

27/01: Being Bad

02/02: An Exploration of Touch 

16/02: Exploring Sexual Orientations

02/03: Good Vibrations (orgasms and the Hitachi Magic Wand) 

16/03: Monogamy/Polyamory: which is better? 

30/03: Erotic Pain and Pleasure 

13/04: The Anus and the Heart

27/04: Unusual Fetishes


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Pre-registration is required for entry

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