Xplore11 Festival Preview Evenings

Leading up to xplore, we propose three xplore festival preview evenings. This is an ideal opportunity to meet the presenters in a more intimate atmosphere and get a glimpse of what is going to happen at the festival. Each evening will feature workshop previews from two xplore presenters. Other xplore presenters will also be present and participate.

If you’d like to experience more of xplore, or if you haven’t yet made up your mind to come, why not join us for an xplore evening preview? Dip your feet in.

Peter Banki and Annetta Luce, Saturday 16th April, 19:30-22:30.

Marina Kronkvist and Delta RA'i, Sunday 17th April, 19:30-22:30

Mestre Jerônimo and Gabriela Tarcha, Wednesday 20th April, 19:30-22:30

For more information about xplore11, click here

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