An Afternoon of Queer Heterosexuality

There is a taboo on a woman with a penis, because it does not fit into our oppositional stereotypes, just as a man without a penis—or even a man with a soft penis engaged in sexual activity—can also be threatening and uncomfortable.

But our fantasies are much richer than this. Many men desire to be penetrated by a woman. Many women wish to penetrate men. This workshop will be an opportunity to xplore these fantasies and find out what happens when you get close to fulfilling them. Does the reversal of conventional sexual roles change the power relationships between men and women? What transformations take place (or do not take place) at the level of gender-identification?

Saturday, 17th March, 2012, 2pm-6pm.

Cost: $45 per person, $75 per couple, members $30.

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In this workshop, we will begin with exercises designed to make the feeling of our own genitals more present and then imagine what it is to move from the experience of having different genitals. On this basis, we will investigate the concept of queer heterosexuality with the help of costumes and strap-ons.

In this workshop, it will always be possible to step out of any particular activity without there being any judgement or pressure. Moreover, nudity and sexual activity as such is no way required to participate, learn and enjoy. If participants wish at a certain point to engage in more intimate activities, it will be possible to use private spaces. Although a few strap-ons will be provided, it is also strongly advisable for you to bring your own, if you have one. This workshop is open to people of all sexual and gender orientations. It is an opportunity to xplore fantasies and concepts that are rarely explored in either gay or straight milieus.

Tristan Taormino wrote an excellent article on Queer Heterosexuality in the Village Voice in 2003. You can read it here. See also Bend Over Boyfriend, an article on pegging from 2007.

This workshop will be led by Peter Banki, Ph.D. While being bullied at school for being a 'poofter', Peter has never identified as being homosexual. The label 'queer' imposed itself on him after having actively participated as the only non-gay man in a men-only BDSM workshop in Berlin led by Gay Love Spirit. Inspired by the experience, he organized in 2008 the Queer Week-End, Romantic Life Performance at Schwelle7 in Berlin. For him, queerness, beyond playing with codes and gender norms, is a way of being vulnerable, but at the same time strong. If I am queer, I do not overcome my vulnerability, but I have a way of finding strength, another non-muscular strength, from openness and willingness to explore vulnerability.

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